Manual installation of lm-sensors

First, you need to download latest version from our Download page. You may download latest release or SVN snapshot version. How to do that? Please follow instructions on Download page.

Further information about 2.6 kernel can be found here.

Here are the compilation and building instructions:

  1. First you need to install the libsysfs library including its developement files, because latest version of lm-sensors library depends on it. You don't need to compile it manually, you may install it as developement package from your distribution. Follow same scheme as described here, just look for the libsysfs-dev package. If you were unable to find the developement package, please build and install it from its home at  Sysfsutils.
  2. extract the lm-sensors archive if neccessary.
    tar xzvf lm-sensors-xxx.tar.gz
  3. issue following commands
    make user
    make user_install

The su command will ask you for the root password. If the compilation fails complaining about libsysfs, make sure that you have installed the header files (developement package) and not just the libsysfs library itself.

Of course, the archive of lm-sensors contains further files like README or INSTALL, which are covering the installation in bigger detail.

When done, please proceed to Kernel preparation page.