Devices supported by lm-sensors 2 (for Linux 2.4)

This is the summary page listing of over 150 devices supported by the lm-sensors 2 package, for Linux 2.4. For a list of devices supported by Linux 2.6, please see the Devices page. For links to chip information, please see the Devices page too.

Drivers are listed in two groups: sensor chip and bus. Bus drivers are the I2C/SMBus bus masters. Unless your sensor chip is on the ISA, PCI or LPC bus, a bus driver is required to access any device on the bus. Chip drivers are used to access the sensor chips themselves and export the readings.

To find out what driver you need and what chips you have use the sensors-detect utility in our package. If your version of sensors-detect failed to detect a chip, you should try the  latest version of sensors-detect.

If your chip is not supported, you must upgrade to Linux 2.6. The lm-sensors 2 branch is in maintenance mode and support for new devices is no longer added there.


Manufacturer Chip Driver Bus type Supported since lm-sensors Status, Comments
Analog Devices ADM1021, ADM1021A, ADM1023 adm1021 I2C 2.0.0
Analog Devices ADM1022, ADM1028 thmc50 I2C 2.4.3
Analog Devices ADM1024 adm1024 I2C 2.6.0
Analog Devices ADM1025, ADM1025A adm1025 I2C 2.5.1
Analog Devices ADM1026 adm1026 I2C 2.8.0
Analog Devices ADM1027, ADT7460, ADT7463 lm85 I2C 2.8.0
Analog Devices ADM1030, ADM1031 adm1031 I2C 2.8.7
Analog Devices ADM1032 lm90 I2C 2.8.2
Analog Devices ADM9240 adm9240 I2C 2.1.2
Analog Devices ADT7461 lm90 I2C 2.9.1
Asus AS99127F w83781d I2C 2.4.4 No datasheet, incomplete support.
Asus ASB100 asb100 I2C 2.8.2
Dallas / Maxim DS75, DS1775 lm75 I2C 2.0.0 Handled as a LM75.
Dallas / Maxim DS1621, DS1625 ds1621 I2C 2.5.5 The DS1625 is handled as a DS1621.
Dallas / Maxim DS1780 adm9240 I2C 2.3.0
Fintek F71805F/FG f71805f LPC 2.10.0
Fujitsu-Siemens Hermes fscher I2C 2.8.2
Fujitsu-Siemens Poseidon fscpos I2C 2.6.2
Fujitsu-Siemens Scylla fscscy I2C 2.10.5
Genesys Logic GL518SM gl518sm I2C 2.0.1
Genesys Logic GL520SM gl520sm I2C 2.4.3
Genesys Logic GL523SM adm1021 I2C 2.4.4
HP Maxilife (various) maxilife I2C 2.3.0 Not detected by sensors-detect.
Intel Xeon xeontemp I2C 2.8.1 Integrated sensors. Not detected by sensors-detect.
ITE IT8705F, IT8712F it87 LPC 2.6.0
Maxim MAX1617, MAX1617A adm1021 I2C 2.2.0
Maxim MAX1619 max1619 I2C 2.8.7
Maxim MAX6625, MAX6626 lm75 I2C 2.0.0
Maxim MAX6633, MAX6634, MAX6635 lm92 I2C 2.8.7 Force parameter required for MAX6633 with low address (0x40-0x47).
Maxim MAX6650, MAX6651 max6650 I2C 2.8.1
Maxim MAX6657, MAX6658, MAX6659 lm90 I2C 2.8.8
Microchip TCM1617 adm1021 I2C 2.2.0
Microchip TCN75 lm75 I2C 2.0.0 Handled as a LM75.
Myson MTP008 mtp008 I2C 2.5.5 This device is  known to be unreliable.
National Semiconductor LM96000 lm85 I2C 2.8.0 No dedicated support, but the lm85 generic mode should work.
National Semiconductor LM63 lm63 I2C 2.9.0 Driver lacks automatic fan speed control.
National Semiconductor LM75 lm75 I2C 2.0.0
National Semiconductor LM76 lm92 I2C 2.8.7 Force parameter probably required.
National Semiconductor LM78, LM79 lm78 ISA or I2C 2.0.0
National Semiconductor LM80 lm80 I2C 2.1.0
National Semiconductor LM81 adm9240 I2C 2.4.3
National Semiconductor LM82 lm83 I2C 2.10.1
National Semiconductor LM83 lm83 I2C 2.8.0
National Semiconductor LM84 adm1021 I2C 2.4.4
National Semiconductor LM85 lm85 I2C 2.8.0
National Semiconductor LM86 lm90 I2C 2.8.8
National Semiconductor LM87 lm87 I2C 2.5.3
National Semiconductor LM89, LM99 lm90 I2C 2.8.7
National Semiconductor LM90 lm90 I2C 2.8.1
National Semiconductor LM92 lm92 I2C 2.6.4
National Semiconductor LM93 lm93 I2C 2.8.8
National Semiconductor PC87360, PC87363, PC87364, PC87365, PC87366 pc87360 LPC 2.8.7 Super I/O with hardware monitoring.
Philips / NXP LM75A lm75 I2C 2.0.0 Not detected, use the force module parameter.
Philips / NXP NE1617, NE1617A adm1021 I2C 2.2.0
Philips / NXP NE1619 adm1025 I2C 2.8.1
SiS 5595 sis5595 PCI 2.2.0 Integrated sensors.
SiS 950 it87 LPC 2.6.0
SMSC EMC6D100, EMC6D101 lm85 I2C 2.8.0
SMSC EMC6D102 lm85 I2C 2.9.1
SMSC EMC6D103 lm85 I2C 2.9.1 No dedicated support, but the lm85 generic mode should work.
SMSC LPC47B27x smsc47m1 LPC 2.8.6 Super I/O with fan monitor and PWM control.
SMSC LPC47M10x, LPC47M112, LPC47M13x, LPC47M14x smsc47m1 LPC 2.6.4 Super I/O with fan monitor and PWM control.
SMSC LPC47M15x, LPC47M192, LPC47M997 smsc47m1 LPC 2.9.0 Super I/O with fan monitor and PWM control.
SMSC LPC47M292 smsc47m1 LPC 2.10.3 Super I/O with fan monitoring and control, similar to the other SMSC chips but supports 3 fans instead of 2. Testers wanted, please report.
Texas Instruments THMC10 adm1021 I2C 2.4.3
Texas Instruments THMC50 thmc50 I2C 2.4.3
VIA VT82C686A, VT82C686B via686a PCI 2.5.0 Integrated sensors.
VIA VT1211 vt1211 LPC 2.6.4 Super I/O with integrated sensors.
VIA VT8231 vt8231 PCI 2.6.5 Integrated sensors.
Winbond W83627HF, W83627THF, W83697HF w83627hf LPC 2.8.0
Winbond W83637HF w83627hf LPC 2.8.5
Winbond W83687THF w83627hf LPC 2.10.0 Super I/O, mostly similar to the W83627THF.
Winbond / Nuvoton W83627EHF, W83627EHG w83627ehf LPC 2.10.4
Winbond W83781D, W83782D, W83783S, W83627HF w83781d ISA or I2C 2.1.0
Winbond W83783S w83781d I2C 2.3.0
Winbond W83791D w83781d I2C 2.8.0
Winbond W83792D/G w83792d I2C 2.9.1
Winbond W83L785TS-S w83l785ts I2C 2.8.3
BMC/IPMI management controllers bmcsensors IPMI 2.7.0


The lm-sensors 2 package includes a few misc I2C device drivers for Linux 2.4, short of a better home for them.

Manufacturer Chip Driver Status, Comments
Atmel AT24C02 eeprom SPD and Vaio EEPROM.
Brooktree BT869 bt869 Video encoder.
Dallas / Maxim DS1307 ds1307 Real-time clock.
Linear Technologies LTC1710 ltc1710 Dual switch.
Matrix Orbital LCD2041V matorb Small LCD display.
Micrel MIC74 mic74 8-bit I/O expander.
Philips / NXP PCA9540 pca9540 I2C bus multiplexer.
Philips / NXP PCF8574, PCF8574A pcf8574 8-bit I/O expander.
Philips / NXP PCF8591 pcf8591 8-bit A/D and D/A converter.
Philips / NXP SAA1064 saa1064 4-digit LED driver.
EDID EEPROM ddcmon EDID EEPROM in monitor.
Smart Battery smartbatt Smart battery.


All these devices are PCI devices detected by sensors-detect.

Manufacturer Chip Driver Supported
ALi M1533, M1543C i2c-ali15x3 2.2.0
ALi M1535, M1535D i2c-ali1535 2.5.3
ALi M1535D+ i2c-ali1535 2.9.1
ALi M1563 i2c-ali1563 2.9.2
AMD 756, 766, 768 i2c-amd756 2.4.4
AMD 8111 (first SMBus adapter) i2c-amd756 2.7.0
AMD 8111 (second SMBus adapter) i2c-amd8111 2.7.0
ATI IXP200, IXP300, IXP400 i2c-piix4 2.10.1
ATI SB600, SB700 i2c-piix4 2.10.3
Intel PIIX4, PIIX4E, 82443MX i2c-piix4 2.1.2
Intel 82801AA, 82801BA, 82801CA/CAM (ICH3),
82801DB (ICH4), 82801EB (ICH5)
i2c-i801 2.4.3
Intel 6300ESB, ICH6 i2c-i801 2.8.7
Intel 82801G (ICH7) i2c-i801 2.9.0
Intel ESB2 i2c-i801 2.9.2
Intel 82801H (ICH8) i2c-i801 2.10.1
Intel ICH9 i2c-i801 2.10.2
Intel ICH10 i2c-i801 2.10.7
Intel Tolapai i2c-i801 2.10.5
nVidia nForce i2c-amd756 2.6.4
nVidia nForce2 i2c-nforce2 2.8.0
nVidia nForce3 i2c-nforce2 2.9.0
nVidia nForce4 i2c-nforce2 2.9.1
nVidia MCP51, MCP55 i2c-nforce2 2.10.1
nVidia MCP61, MCP65 i2c-nforce2 2.10.4
Serverworks OSB4, CSB5 i2c-piix4 2.5.5
Serverworks CSB6 i2c-piix4 2.8.2
Serverworks / Broadcom HT-1000 i2c-piix4 2.10.1
SiS 5595 i2c-sis5595 2.4.4
SiS 630, 730 i2c-sis630 2.6.5
SiS 645/961 i2c-sis645 2.6.5
SiS 645DX/961, 650/961, 735 (single chip) i2c-sis645 2.7.0
SiS 648/96x, 651/96x, 745 (single chip),
746/96x, xxx/962, xxx/963
i2c-sis645 2.8.0
SiS 655 i2c-sis645 2.8.7
SMSC SLC90E66 i2c-piix4 2.6.2
VIA VT82C586B i2c-via 2.2.0
VIA VT82C596A, VT82C596B, VT82C686A,
VT82C686B, VT8231, VT8233,
VT8233A, VT8235
i2c-viapro 2.4.3
VIA VT8237 i2c-viapro 2.8.2
VIA VT8237A, VT8251 i2c-viapro 2.10.1
VIA CX700 i2c-viapro 2.10.3
VIA VX800, VX820 i2c-viapro 2.10.8