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If you don't know what devices are on your system, please follow our Installation Wizard.

This is the summary page listing of over 200 devices supported by the lm_sensors package and the linux kernel. Unless noted, these drivers are supported by us and included in our lm_sensors package for Linux 2.4, and directly in the kernel tree for Linux 2.6. Other drivers not supported by us but compatible with our package are listed as well for your information.

Drivers are listed in two groups: bus and sensor chip. Bus drivers are the I2C/SMBus bus masters. Unless your sensor chip is on the PCI or ISA (I/O) bus, a bus driver is required to access any device on the bus. Chip drivers are used to access the sensor chips themselves and export the readings.

To find out what driver you need and what chips you have use the sensors-detect utility in our package. If your version of sensors-detect failed to detect a chip, you should try the  latest version of sensors-detect. You may also try our Installation Wizard.

If you would like us to support a chip not listed below, or listed as 'not planed', please contact us. Please indicate if you can help in development, testing, or donations. We don't have much spare time, so the more help you can provide, the better your chances to get a chip supported fast.

For the latest information on new Linux 2.4 drivers in our distribution, see the top of our LM Sensors CHANGES document. For Linux 2.6, the drivers are added to the  kernel source tree directly.

For instructions on how to check our latest code out of subversion, see the bottom of our download page. For Linux 2.4, remember to get both lm-sensors and i2c, and to compile and install i2c before compiling lm-sensors. For Linux 2.6, lm-sensors is enough (you don't even need the kernel part of it.)


Manufacturer Chip Detected Driver Since lm-sensorsSince kernel Status, Comments
 ALi M1533, M1543C yes i2c-ali15x3 2.2.0 2.5.65
 ALi M1535, M1535D yes i2c-ali1535 2.5.3 2.5.74
 ALi M1535D+ yes i2c-ali1535 2.5.3 2.5.74 Improvements in 2.9.1. Hopefully works better now.
 ALi M1563 yes i2c-ali1563 2.9.2 2.6.6 (2005-04-14) Backport from 2.6 contributed by Winbond.
Acorn IOC/IOMD no - 2.3.43
 AMD 756, 766, 768 yes i2c-amd756 2.4.4 2.5.54
 AMD 8111 yes i2c-amd756 2.7.0 2.6.1 Two SMBus adapters.
 AMD yes i2c-amd8111 2.7.0 2.5.54
 AMD Geode  SC1100,  SC1200 yes scx200_acb - 2.4.21
 AMD Geode  CS5535,  CS5536 yes scx200_acb - 2.6.17 Companion chips.
 Apple Hydra yes i2c-hydra 2.3.1 -
 Apple Keywest no i2c-keywest 2.5.1 2.4.18 PPC only, not built.
 ATI IXP200, IXP300, IXP400 yes i2c-piix4 2.10.1 2.6.18
 ATI  SB600 yes i2c-piix4 2.10.3 2.6.21
 ATI SB700 yes i2c-piix4 SVN 2.6.23 Support contributed by Henry Su of AMD.
 Broadcom (formerly Serverworks)  HT-1000 yes i2c-piix4 2.10.1 2.6.17
 Dallas 80CH10, 80CH11, 82CH10, 82CH11 no Found on Intel N440BX, L440BX+ and other Intel motherboards. The design of these chips will make a driver very difficult to write. No plans to write a driver - ever!
DEC Tsunami/Typhoon? no i2c-tsunami 2.6.0 - Alpha only.
 ELV Parallel port adapter no i2c-elv 2.4.3 2.3.34 - 2.6.4 In our i2c package. Deprecated, use i2c-parport-light instead (Linux 2.6.2+).
 IBM 405xx no i2c-adap-ibm_ocp + i2c-algo-ibm_ocp 2.6.4 - In our i2c package.
 Intel IXP42x XScale no i2c-ixp4xx - 2.6.5 GPIO pins driver. Driver renamed from i2c-ixp42x to i2c-ixp4xx in 2.6.7.
 Intel IXP2000 no i2c-ixp2000 - 2.6.9 GPIO pins driver.
 Intel PIIX4, PIIX4E, 82443MX yes i2c-piix4 2.1.2 2.5.65
 Intel PIIX5 yes - - - (2006-11-25) Maybe compatible with PIIX4, needs testing.
 Intel 82801AA, 82801BA, 82801CA/CAM (ICH3), 82801DB (ICH4), 82801EB (ICH5) yes i2c-i801 2.4.3 2.5.65  interrupt support for the i2c-i801 driver is being worked on.
 Intel 6300ESB, ICH6 yes i2c-i801 2.8.7 2.6.7
 Intel 82801G (ICH7) yes i2c-i801 2.9.0 2.6.11
 Intel 82801H (ICH8) yes i2c-i801 2.10.1 2.6.16
 Intel ICH9 yes i2c-i801 2.10.2 2.6.20
 Intel ESB2 yes i2c-i801 2.9.2 2.6.12
 Intel 82810, 82810E, 82815, 82845G yes i2c-i810 2.5.0 2.6.0
 ITE 8172G no i2c-adap-ite + i2c-algo-ite - 2.4.10 - 2.6.19 Driver was unmaintained so it was finally removed from the kernel tree.
 Matrox Mystique, Millennium, Millennium II, G100, G200, G400 yes i2c-matroxfb - 2.3.48
 Motorola MPC850, MPC855, MPC857, MPC860, MPC862 no i2c-rpx + i2c-algo-8xx 2.6.0 broken In our i2c package.
 Motorola MPC107, 8240, 8245, 85xx no i2c-mpc 2.6.9
 nVidia nForce yes i2c-amd756 2.6.4 2.5.54
 nVidia nForce2 yes i2c-nforce2 2.8.0 2.6.0
 nVidia nForce3 yes i2c-nforce2 2.9.0 2.6.10
 nVidia nForce4 yes i2c-nforce2 2.9.1 2.6.12
 nVidia MCP51, MCP55 yes i2c-nforce2 2.10.1 2.6.18
 nVidia MCP61, MCP65 yes i2c-nforce2 2.10.4 2.6.22
Philips (now  NXP)  PCF8584 no i2c-elektor + i2c-algo-pcf 2.4.3 2.3.34 In our i2c package.
Philips (now  NXP) Parallel port adapter no i2c-philips-par 2.4.3 2.3.34 - 2.6.4 In our i2c package. Deprecated, use i2c-parport instead (Linux 2.6.2+).
 S3 Savage4, Savage2000 yes i2c-savage4 2.6.4 2.6.0
 S3 Savage3D, ProSavage, Savage MX, Savage IX yes No plan.
Serverworks OSB4, CSB5 yes i2c-piix4 2.5.5 2.5.65
Serverworks CSB6 yes i2c-piix4 2.8.2 2.6.1
 SiS 5511, 5512, 5513 misdetected as 5595 These chipsets don't even have an I2C bus interface, so they shouldn't really be in this table, but sensors-detect thinks they are 5595.
 SiS 5581, 5582, 5597, 5598 misdetected as 5595 Sensors-detect will recommend i2c-sis5595 but it won't work. It will also recommend sis5595 for sensors but that is wrong too, these chips do not have integrated sensors. Poor data sheets prevent us from implementing I2C/DDC support for these chips.
 SiS 540, 550, 633, 635, 635T, 733 misdetected as 5595 Sensors-detect may recommend i2c-sis5595 but it won't work. It may also recommend sis5595 for sensors but that is wrong too, these chips do not have integrated sensors. Support for these can probably be added to i2c-sis630 or i2c-sis645. If you would like to help develop and test support for any of these please contact us.
 SiS 5595 yes i2c-sis5595 2.4.4 2.6.0
 SiS 630, 730 yes i2c-sis630 2.6.5 2.6.0
 SiS 735 (single chip) yes i2c-sis645 2.7.0 -For Linux 2.6, may require >= 2.6.5.
yes i2c-sis96x - 2.5.70
 SiS 745 (single chip) yes i2c-sis645 2.8.0 -
yes i2c-sis96x - 2.5.70
 SiS 964 south bridge no - - Could be supported by modifying i2c-sis630; let us know if you're interested in doing this.  One report.
 SiS All (other) 96x south bridges (kernel 2.6.x) yes i2c-sis96x see below 2.5.70 Untested (but should work) on 965. Let us know if you have one.
 SiS 645/961 (kernel 2.4.x) yes i2c-sis645 2.6.5 see above
 SiS 645DX/961, 650/961 (kernel 2.4.x) yes i2c-sis645 2.7.0 see above
 SiS 648/96x, 651/96x, 746/96x, xxx/962, xxx/963 (kernel 2.4.x) yes i2c-sis645 2.8.0 see above
 SiS 655 (kernel 2.4.x) yes i2c-sis645 2.8.7 -
 SMSC SLC90E66 yes i2c-piix4 2.6.2 2.5.65
3dfx (now nVidia) Banshee, Voodoo3 yes i2c-voodoo3 2.3.2 2.6.0 (2004-07-03) See this  patch for dual card support. Feedback wanted.
 Velleman K8000 parallel port board no i2c-velleman 2.4.3 2.3.34 - 2.6.4 In our i2c package. Deprecated, use i2c-parport-light instead (Linux 2.6.2+).
 VIA VT82C586B yes i2c-via 2.2.0 2.6.0
 VIA VT82C596A, VT82C596B, VT82C686A, VT82C686B, VT8231, VT8233, VT8233A, VT8235 yes i2c-viapro 2.4.3 2.5.68
 VIA VT8237 yes i2c-viapro 2.8.2 2.6.1
 VIA VT8237A, VT8251 yes i2c-viapro 2.10.1 2.6.19
 VIA CX700 yes i2c-viapro 2.10.3 2.6.21 Compatible with all the recent VIA south bridges. The CX700 additionally appears to support SMBus PEC (not implemented yet).
 Winbond (formerly National Semiconductor) PC87365, PC87366 no ACCESS.BUS/SMBus. No plan.
 Winbond (formerly National Semiconductor) PC87591 no ACCESS.BUS/SMBus. No plan.
EPP parallel port adapter with PCF8584 no i2c-pcf-epp + i2c-algo-pcf 2.5.4 - In our i2c package.
"Primitive" parallel port adapter (no external hardware required) no i2c-pport 2.6.1 - In our i2c package.
 I2C over USB adapter no i2c-tiny-usb 2.6.22
IPMB yes i2c-ipmb 2.7.0 - In development. Doesn't work yet.
SMBus BIOS interface no There is a kernel patch on Freshmeat but it doesn't register as an I2C device that is compatible with our package. It would be nice to rework this driver to be compatible, but would not like to use BIOS code in the kernel.


Manufacturer Chip Detected Driver Since lm-sensorsSince kernel Status, Comments
 Abit  µGuru revision 1 and 2 no abituguru 2.6.18 A winbond microcontroller using (undocumented) Abit written firmware. The revision of the µGuru chip is the same as the version of the windows µGuru utility Abit offers for your motherboard.
 Abit µGuru revision 3 no abituguru3 2.6.23 A winbond microcontroller using (undocumented) Abit written firmware. The revision of the µGuru chip is the same as the version of the windows µGuru utility Abit offers for your motherboard.
 ALi M5879 no Datasheet  here drop a mail to the lm_sensors list if you have a motherboard with one of these.
 AMD K8 yes k8temp - 2.6.19 Latest AMD K8 processors have integrated sensors which can be read directly without any additional monitoring chip. Driver contributed by Rudolf Marek. Userspace support available in lm_sensors 2.10.1. Upgrade to lm_sensors 2.10.1 is mandatory, earlier versions of libsensors will fail with a "General parse error" message.
 AMD K10 yes - - - (2007-10-07) To be written. Please contact us if you have such CPU and willing to write or test the driver.
 Analog Devices ADM1021,  ADM1021A,  ADM1023 yes adm1021 2.0.0 2.5.54
 Analog Devices  ADM1022,  ADM1028 yes thmc50 2.4.3 2.6.23
 Analog Devices  ADM1024 yes adm1024 / lm87 2.6.0  patch (2007-10-09) Compatible with the LM87, so support for Linux 2.6 was added to the lm87 driver. For older 2.6 kernels, just use the force_lm87 parameter.
 Analog Devices  ADM1025,  ADM1025A yes adm1025 2.5.1 2.6.8 (2004-06-27) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Jean Delvare thanks to an evaluation board provided by Sean Gilmour from Analog Devices.
 Analog Devices  ADM1026 yes adm1026 2.8.0 2.6.10 Ported to Linux 2.6 by Justin Thiessen.
 Analog Devices  ADM1027,  ADT7460,  ADT7463 yes lm85 2.8.0 2.5.71
 Analog Devices  ADM1029 yes adm1029 2.10.2 2.6.21 (2007-02-05) Preliminary driver contributed by Corentin Labbe.
 Analog Devices  ADM1030,  ADM1031 yes adm1031 2.8.7 2.6.8 (2004-06-24) Driver contributed by Alexandre d'Alton.
 Analog Devices  ADM1032 yes lm90 2.8.2 2.6.2
 Analog Devices  ADM9240 yes adm9240 2.1.2 2.6.13 (2005-05-12) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Michiel Rook and Grant Coady.
 Analog Devices  AD7414 no (2006-08-06)  Linux 2.6 driver development in progress by Theuns Verwoerd.
 Analog Devices  AD7416,  AD7417,  AD7418 no ad7418 2.6.22 (2007-03-28) Linux 2.6 driver contributed by Alessandro Zummo. No user-space support yet.
 Analog Devices  ADT7461 yes lm90 2.9.1 2.6.12
 Analog Devices  ADT7462 yes (2006-09-92)  Eric Olsen would be interested in a driver. No plan.
 Analog Devices  ADT7467,  ADT7468 yes (2004-04-10) Forcing the lm85 driver, chip adm1027, may work. We have an evaluation board.
 Analog Devices  ADT7470 yes adt7470 2.6.24 Driver contributed by Darrick J. Wong.
 Analog Devices  ADT7473 yes
 Analog Devices  ADT7475 yes (2007-07-08) Found on several Asus M2N series motherboards. Three requests ( Diggory Hardy,  Juergen Kilb,  Len J. White). A  driver is being written.
 Analog Devices  ADT7476 yes (2007-01-09) Partly compatible with the ADT7468. Four requests ( Reuben Farrelly,  Romain Dolbeau,  David Liontooth,  Bill Feero).
 Andigilog aSC7511 yes No plan.
 Andigilog aSC7512, aSC7611, aSC7621 yes asc76xx (2007-11-26) Found on the Intel 975XBX2, amongst others. Driver under development by George T. Joseph. Patch is  here. Needs review and testing.
 Asus AS99127F yes w83781d 2.4.4 2.5.67 No datasheet, incomplete support.
 Asus ASB100 yes asb100 2.8.2 2.6.2
 Attansic ATXP1 no atxp1 - 2.6.13 (2005-10-17) Linux 2.6 driver contributed Sebastian Witt.
 Asus ASM58 yes (2004-09-14) No datasheet.  2.6.15 driver developed by Rigel Freden.
 Asus A8000 yes dme1737 2.6.23 SMSC DME1737 in disguise.
Compaq (now  HP) all no No data sheets. Use "cpqhealth" instead.
 EPoX EP1308 yes f71882fg 2.6.24 Super-I/O found on several EPoX motherboards. Appears to be a clone of the Fintek F71882FG.
 Fintek  F71805F/FG yes f71805f 2.10.0 2.6.16 (2006-03-23) Super-I/O found on Jetway K8M8MS. Development board provided by  Baraccuda Networks, driver contributed by Jean Delvare.
 Fintek  F71862FG yes Super-I/O with hardware monitoring functions. Datasheet available. No request.
 Fintek  F71806F/FG, F71872F/FG yes f71805f 2.10.2 2.6.20 (2006-11-04) Super-I/O found on EVGA NF41 and Epox 9NPA3J and 9NPA7I. Support contributed by Jean Delvare.
 Fintek  F71882FG/F71883FG yes f71882fg 2.6.24  pwm support is being worked on.
 Fintek  F75363SG yes (2006-04-01) We have a datasheet. Presumably compatible with the National Semiconductor LM63, support could be added to the lm63 driver. Forcing the lm63 driver might work for now. No request.
 Fintek  F75373S/SG, F75375S/SP yes f75375s 2.6.24 Driver contributed by Riku Voipio.
 Fintek  F75383S/M, F75384S/M yes (2006-12-24) We have a datasheet. Two requests ( Brian Beardall,  Lou Parisi). Driver written by  Brian Beardall, needs review. User-space support is  here, needs review too.
 Fintek  F75387SG/RG yes (2007-08-13) We have a datasheet. Found on the Aopen MZ915-M. Three requests ( Harald Dunkel, #2092, McDonald in #2205).
 Fujitsu-Siemens Heimdall yes fschmd 2.10.5 2.6.24  watchdog support for the fschmd driver is being worked on.
 Fujitsu-Siemens Heracles yes fschmd 2.10.5 2.6.24
 Fujitsu-Siemens Hermes yes fscher 2.8.2 2.6.3 Use fschmd driver for kernel >= 2.6.24 and lm_sensors >= 2.10.5
 Fujitsu-Siemens Poseidon yes fscpos 2.6.2 2.6.12 Use fschmd driver for kernel >= 2.6.24 and lm_sensors >= 2.10.5
 Fujitsu-Siemens Scylla yes fschmd 2.10.5 2.6.24
 Genesys Logic GL518SM yes gl518sm 2.0.1 2.6.3 Ported to Linux 2.6 by Hong-Gunn Chew.
 Genesys Logic GL520SM yes gl520sm 2.4.3 2.6.12 (2005-05-12) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Daniel Heath.
 Genesys Logic GL523 yes adm1021 2.4.4 2.5.54
 Genesys Logic GL525SM yes No plan.
 HP Maxilife (various) no maxilife 2.3.0 -
 Intel Xeon no adm1021 2.0.0 - Integrated sensors. Force parameter needed. Read the docs. Better supported by the new xeontemp driver.
 Intel Core, Core 2 yes coretemp 2.6.22 (2007-03-25) Integrated sensor in CPU. Driver contributed by Rudolf Marek.
 Intel AMB FB-DIMM yes (2006-12-08) Temperature sensor in 6400/6402 Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB). Check ticket#2143
 Intel ICH8 no (2007-11-26) The ICH8 (82801H) and possibly later Intel south bridges have embedded sensors. These are not yet supported, due to a lack of technical documentation.
 ITE IT8673F no (2005-04-25) Super I/O with fan controller. No plan.
 ITE IT8702F yes (2007-11-03) We have a datasheet. Four requests ( John Sutton, Scott in ticket #1690,  Andrew,  Gerold Gruber).
 ITE IT8705F, IT8712F yes it87 2.6.0 2.5.69
 ITE IT8707F no (2003-08-23) ITE won't release a datasheet, but says the sensor part is identical to IT8712F. No plan.
 ITE  IT8716F,  IT8718F yes it87 - 2.6.19,  patch to 2.6.18,  patch to
 ITE  IT8726F yes it87 2.6.23 Similar to the IT8716F.
 Linear Technology LTC1760 no Dual battery controller. (2005-01-17) Under development by Mohan Mistry
 Maxim  MAX1617,  MAX1617A yes adm1021 2.2.0 2.5.54
 Maxim  MAX1619 yes max1619 2.8.7 2.6.7 (2004-05-24) Driver contributed by Alexey Fisher.
 Maxim  MAX1668,  MAX1805,  MAX1989 yes (2006-09-22) Under development by  Carolyn Smith (2003, supposedly abandoned) and Christoph Scheurer (#2125).
 Maxim  MAX6625,  MAX6626 yes lm75 2.0.0 2.5.54
 Maxim  MAX6633,  MAX6634,  MAX6635 yes lm92 2.8.7 2.6.12 (2005-02-28) Force parameter required for MAX6633 with low address (0x40-0x47). Linux 2.6 driver contributed by Jean Delvare. Testers wanted, please report.
 Maxim  MAX6648, MAX6692 yes (2006-12-02) One request (ticket #2149). No driver yet. Use the lm90 driver with force_max6657 for partial support in the meantime.
 Maxim  MAX6650, MAX6651 yes max6650 2.8.1 2.6.22 (2007-03-17) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Claus Gindhart and Hans-Jürgen Koch.
 Maxim  MAX6655, MAX6656 yes (2007-01-15)  Linux 2.4 driver written by Olexiy Avramchenko. Needs review, but it's unlikely to happen due to a lack of resources.
 Maxim  MAX6657,  MAX6658,  MAX6659 yes lm90 2.8.8 2.6.8
 Maxim/Dallas  DS1820 no 1-wire thermal sensor.
 Maxim/Dallas  DS75,  DS1775 yes lm75 2.0.0 2.5.54 Handled as a LM75.
 Maxim/Dallas  DS1621, DS1625 yes ds1621 2.5.5 2.6.5 The DS1625 is handled as a DS1621. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Aurelien Jarno.
 Maxim/Dallas  DS1780 yes adm9240 2.3.0 2.6.13 (2005-05-12) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Michiel Rook and Grant Coady.
 Microchip TCM1617 yes adm1021 2.2.0 2.5.54
 Microchip TCN75 yes lm75 2.0.0 2.5.54 Handled as a LM75.
Micrel MIC184 no Requires mods to lm75 driver. No plan.
Myson MTP008 yes mtp008 2.5.5 (2007-05-29)  Port to Linux 2.6 was in progress by Andrew Pam and Dean Gaudet, but was  abandoned as the hardware itself appears to be unreliable.
 National Semiconductor  LM96000 yes lm85 (2004-08-31) Complete hardware monitoring solution with SMBus interface. Seems to be mostly compatible with the LM85, using the lm85 driver should work just fine. Under investigation by Sukanta Ganguly.
 National Semiconductor  LM63 yes lm63 2.9.0 2.6.10 (2004-12-16) Found on some ATI graphics adapters and Tyan motherboards, among others. Temperature part is more or less compatible with the LM86, but a dedicated driver was prefered. Note that we could not access the LM63 chips on the ATI boards so far (it didn't show on any of the 4 known I2C busses of the graphics adapter). Driver contributed by Jean Delvare, lacks automatic fan speed control (could be developed upon donation of an LM63-enabled piece of hardware).
 National Semiconductor  LM64 no (2007-04-25) Support could be easily added to the lm63 driver, as the LM63 and LM64 are essentially compatible. Work in progress by Ramji Jiyani.
 National Semiconductor  LM75 yes lm75 2.0.0 2.5.54 (2004-07-03) The LM77 is not supported by this driver, contrary to what we pretended for years.
 National Semiconductor  LM76 yes lm92 2.8.7 2.6.12 (2004-04-14) Force parameter probably required.
 National Semiconductor  LM77 yes lm77 - 2.6.8 (2004-09-27) Not compatible with the LM75 as we pretended for years. Linux 2.6 driver developed by Andras Bali. No user-space support.
 National Semiconductor  LM78,  LM79 yes lm78 2.0.0 2.5.73
 National Semiconductor  LM80 yes lm80 2.1.0 2.6.5 Ported to Linux 2.6 by Tiago Sousa.
 National Semiconductor  LM81 yes adm9240 2.4.3 2.6.13 (2005-05-12) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Michiel Rook and Grand Coady.
 National Semiconductor  LM82 yes lm83 2.10.1 2.6.18 (2006-09-27) Support added by Jordan Crouse. No user-space support yet.
 National Semiconductor  LM83 yes lm83 2.8.0 2.6.1
 National Semiconductor  LM84 yes adm1021 2.4.4 2.5.54
 National Semiconductor  LM85 yes lm85 2.8.0 2.5.71
 National Semiconductor  LM86 yes lm90 2.8.8 2.6.8
 National Semiconductor  LM87 yes lm87 2.5.3 2.6.10 Ported to Linux 2.6 by Jeff Oliver and Jean Delvare.
 National Semiconductor  LM89,  LM99 yes lm90 2.8.7 2.6.7
 National Semiconductor  LM90 yes lm90 2.8.1 2.6.2
 National Semiconductor  LM92 yes lm92 2.6.4 2.6.12 (2005-02-28) Linux 2.6 driver contributed by Jean Delvare. Testers wanted, please report.
 National Semiconductor  LM93 yes lm93 2.8.8 2.6.23 (2007-07-20) 2.4 driver contributed by Mark M. Hoffman. Driver for 2.6 kernel ported by Eric J. Bowersox, Carsten Emde, and Hans J. Koch.
National Semiconductor (now  Winbond)  PC8374L yes (2007-10-30) Usually disabled.
National Semiconductor (now  Winbond) PC87360, PC87363, PC87364, PC87365, PC87366 yes pc87360 2.8.7 2.6.10 Super I/O with hardware monitoring. Driver contributed and ported to Linux 2.6 by Jean Delvare.
National Semiconductor (now  Winbond)  PC87427 yes pc87427 - 2.6.20 Preliminary driver (fan monitoring only) contributed by Jean Delvare. User-space support in lm-sensors 2.10.2.
Philips (now  NXP)  SE95 no (2005-09-26) Driver under development by Tonu.
Philips (now  NXP)  NE1617,  NE1617A yes adm1021 2.2.0 2.5.54
Philips (now  NXP)  NE1619 yes adm1025 2.8.1 2.6.8
 SiS 5595 yes sis5595 2.2.0 2.6.12 (2005-05-12) Integrated sensors. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Aurlien Jarno.
 SiS 950 yes it87 2.6.0 2.5.69
 SMSC EMC6D100, EMC6D101 yes lm85 2.8.0 2.5.71
 SMSC EMC6D102 yes lm85 2.9.1 2.6.12
 SMSC LPC47B397-NC, SCH5307-NS, SCH5317 yes smsc47b397 - 2.6.11 (2005-02-10) Will port to kernel 2.4 as needed. Sponsored by  In-Store Broadcasting Network. Contributed by Mark M. Hoffman.
(2007-06-25) SCH5307 is supported since kernel 2.6.14.
(2007-06-25) SCH5317 is  compatible and will be supported in kernel 2.6.23.
 SMSC LPC47B27x yes smsc47m1 2.8.6 2.6.9 (2004-07-21) Super I/O with fan monitor and PWM control. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Gabriele Gorla and Jean Delvare.
 SMSC LPC47M10x, LPC47M112, LPC47M13x, LPC47M14x yes smsc47m1 2.6.4 2.6.9 (2004-07-21) Super I/O with fan monitor and PWM control. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Gabriele Gorla and Jean Delvare.
 SMSC LPC47M15x, LPC47M192, LPC47M997 yes smsc47m1 2.9.0 2.6.13 (2005-04-13) Super I/O with fan monitor and PWM control.
 SMSC LPC47M15x, LPC47M192, LPC47M292, LPC47M997 yes smsc47m192  not merged 2.6.18 (2006-03-10) Super I/O with hardware monitoring block available on the SMBus. Linux 2.4 driver contributed by "wore", not merged yet. Linux 2.6 driver contributed by Hartmut Rick, testers wanted.
 SMSC LPC47M172, LPC47M182 yes (2006-09-23) Super I/O with fan monitor. Datasheets available, no plan.
 SMSC LPC47M292 yes smsc47m1 2.10.3 2.6.22 (2007-02-23) Super I/O with fan monitoring and control, similar to the other SMSC chips but supports 3 fans instead of 2. Testers wanted, please report.
 SMSC DME1737, SCH5027D yes dme1737 2.10.4 2.6.23 Driver contributed by Juerg Haefliger.
 SMSC EMC6W201 no (2006-06-13)  Ric Johnson is looking into the driver support.
 SMSC  SCH3112, SCH3114, SCH3116 yes dme1737 2.10.5 2.6.24 Support contributed by Juerg Haefliger.
 SMSC SCH5504 yes (2007-03-27) Found on Dell systems (Precision 380, XPS400). No datasheet. Three requests ( Jon Graves, Dan Russo, Corentin Labbe). There is no evidence that this Super-I/O embeds hardware monitoring features at all.
 SMSC FDC37B72x, FDC37B78x, FDC37C665, FDC37C666, FDC37C669, FDC37C672, FDC37M707, FDC37M81x, FDC37N769, LPC47B34x, LPC47B357, LPC47M967, LPC47N227 yes 2.10.4 (2007-10-17) These Super I/O chips contain no hardware monitoring capabilities.
 SMSC LPC47B37x, LPC47N252, LPC47U33x, SCH4307 yes 2.10.4 (2007-07-09) Super I/Os with hardware monitoring capabilities. Datasheets available, no drivers yet.
 Summit  SMM605 no 6-channel voltage controller/monitor.
 Texas Instruments  THMC10 yes adm1021 2.4.3 2.5.54
 Texas Instruments  THMC50 yes thmc50 2.4.3 2.6.23 (2007-07-09) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Krzysztof Helt.
 VIA VT82C686A, VT82C686B yes via686a 2.5.0 2.5.67 Integrated sensors.
 VIA VT1211 yes vt1211 2.6.4 2.6.19 Super-I/O with integrated sensors. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Juerg Haefliger.
 VIA VT8231 yes vt8231 2.6.5 2.6.16 Integrated sensors. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Aaron M. Marsh, Roger Lucas and Jean Delvare.
 Winbond W83627HF (ISA), W83627THF (ISA), W83697HF (ISA) yes w83627hf 2.8.0 2.6.5 Separate driver for ISA access of these Super I/O devices. Recommended over the w83781d driver for these chips. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Bernhard Schrenk.
 Winbond W83637HF yes w83627hf 2.8.5 2.6.5 (2004-04-04) Super I/O. Support added to the w83627hf driver by Jean Delvare. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Bernhard Schrenk.
 Winbond W83781D, W83782D, W83783S, W83627HF yes w83781d 2.1.0 2.5.67
 Winbond W83791D yes w83781d / w83791d 2.8.0 2.6.18 A separate Linux 2.6 driver was contributed by Charles Spirakis. Fan speed control (PWM) support is missing.
 Winbond W83L785TS-S yes w83l785ts 2.8.3 2.6.2
 Winbond W83792D yes w83792d 2.9.1 2.6.14 (2005-06-23) Contributed by Winbond. Version for older 2.6 kernels is available  here
 Winbond W83627DHG yes w83627ehf - 2.6.21 (2007-02-21) Support added to the w83627ehf driver by David Hubbard.
 Winbond W83627EHF, W83627EHG yes w83627ehf 2.10.4 2.6.13 Driver contributed by Jean Delvare, Yuan Mu and Rudolf Marek. Fan control support is available since kernel 2.6.19. User-space support available in lm_sensors 2.9.1.
 Winbond W83647HF no Super I/O. Data sheet wanted.
 Winbond W83687THF yes w83627hf 2.10.0 2.6.17 Super I/O, mostly similar to the W83627THF. Support contributed by Jean Delvare.
 Winbond W83697UF/UG yes Super I/O with 3 PWM outputs. No plan.
 Winbond  W83L771W/G yes (2007-08-12) Presumably compatible with the LM86, try forcing the lm90 driver, chip lm86, and report.
 Winbond  W83L784R/G yes
 Winbond W83L785R yes w83l785r Driver is available  here. If you want to use it with nVidia cards you can try  nvclock instead.
 Winbond  W83L786NR/NG,  W83L786R/G yes w83l786ng testing or mm (2007-11-25) Driver contributed by  Kevin Lo. Reviewed by Mark M. Hoffman.  S. Dave Jones is a potential tester. Tested successfully by  Sagar Borikar. User-space support only available in lm-sensors 3.0.0.
 Winbond W83793G/R yes w83793 - 2.6.20 (2006-12-08) Linux 2.6 driver contributed by Yuan Mu and Rudolf Marek. User-space support available since lm_sensors 2.10.1.
 Winbond (formerly National Semiconductor) PC87372, PC87373 yes (2005-05-18) Super I/O with fan monitoring and PWM. A driver has been requested, will be developed upon donation of a board.
 Winbond (formerly National Semiconductor) PC87431 no ipmi_smb + bmcsensors + i2c-ipmi (2005-10-29) Requires an SMBus adapter supported by the i2c-i801 driver and the following kernel patches: 1)  Open IPMI 2.6 Kernel Patches for the ipmi-smb driver and asynchronous I2C transfers from Corey Minyard on a 2.6.12 kernel: linux-ipmi-2.6.12-base.diff, linux-ipmi-2.6.12-smb.diff, linux-i2c-2.6.12-nonblock.diff, linux-i2c-2.6.12-i801-nonblock.diff, and 2) The  bmcsensors/i2c-ipmi port to Linux 2.6 by Yani Ioannou: bmcsensors-26-20050808.tar.bz2
 Winbond (formerly National Semiconductor) PC87591 yes (2006-11-11) LPC Mobile Embedded Controllers with ADC (voltages and temperatures) and PWM, the sensor data not accessible in standard way, cannot create the driver. Check ticket #2128.
BMC/IPMI management controllers yes bmcsensors 2.7.0 - (2004-12-12)  Port to Linux 2.6 in progress by Yani Ioannou.
S.M.A.R.T. hard drive temperature no Use smartctl from  smartmontools or  hddtemp instead.