and .


09:24 Changeset [6021] by khali
Add detection of ITE IT8771E.
09:22 Devices edited by khali
Add an entry for the ITE IT8771E (diff)
09:10 VoltageLabelsAndScaling created by khali
A guide to figure out voltage scaling factors


22:59 Devices edited by khali
Relax the call for IT8728F testers (diff)
09:26 Ticket #2385 (User command to clear the chassis intrusion alarm) created by khali
We currently …
09:22 FAQ/Chapter3 edited by khali
Add a FAQ entry for clearing the chassis intrusion alarm (diff)


20:21 FAQ/Chapter3 edited by khali
Explain the ACPI resource checks going away and coming back (diff)


15:25 Changeset [6020] by khali
lm96080 is the new lm80.
15:22 Changeset [6019] by khali
Fix typo.
14:01 FAQ/Chapter3 edited by khali
New FAQ entry for upcoming sysfs detection breakage (diff)
13:57 Download edited by khali
Update the list of recommended patches (diff)
13:55 Changeset [6018] by khali
Add detection of the National Semiconductor (now Texas Instruments) …
13:54 Changeset [6017] by khali
Upcoming change in sysfs will break the way libsensors detects if sysfs is …
13:51 Changeset [6016] by khali
Properly handle Super-I/O chips without logical device. Just report that …
08:24 Configurations/Gigabyte/H67MA-UD2H created by khali
Configuration for GIgabyte H67MA-UD2H board


18:59 Devices edited by khali
Add an entry for the TI LM96080 (diff)
18:45 Devices edited by khali
Texas Instruments bought National Semiconductor (diff)


08:57 Devices edited by khali
Add Intel Panther Point and Lynx Point SMBus entries (diff)
08:54 Changeset [6015] by khali
Add 4 PCI IDs for Intel SMBus controllers.


20:57 Devices edited by khali
Update GMT G781 entry (diff)
18:05 Changeset [6014] by groeck
Add detection of GMT G781
09:17 Changeset [6013] by khali
i2c-stub-from-dump: Be more tolerant on input dump format Allow for …
00:41 Devices edited by groeck
G781, G781-1 (diff)


19:25 Devices edited by khali
Hint for wrong fam15h power values (diff)
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