and .


20:57 Devices edited by khali
Update GMT G781 entry (diff)
18:05 Changeset [6014] by groeck
Add detection of GMT G781
09:17 Changeset [6013] by khali
i2c-stub-from-dump: Be more tolerant on input dump format Allow for …
00:41 Devices edited by groeck
G781, G781-1 (diff)


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Hint for wrong fam15h power values (diff)


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Note that hddtemp would be best as a kernel driver (diff)


20:56 Changeset [6012] by khali
w83627ehf: Increase default value of Vbat max, the previous default …


10:41 Changeset [6011] by khali
sensors: Align power values better.
09:48 Changeset [6010] by khali
sensors: Report thermal sensor type 1 as CPU diode.
09:24 Changeset [6009] by khali
Add recent donation of a fanless graphics card by AMD.
09:23 AuthorsAndContributors edited by khali
Add AMD (diff)


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04:53 Devices edited by groeck
Updated entry for LM96163 (diff)


19:24 Changeset [6008] by groeck
sensors: Display both instantaneous and average power Some sensor chips …
18:30 Changeset [6007] by groeck
Add support for additional sysfs attributes to libsensors and to sensors …
18:21 Changeset [6006] by groeck
sensors: Use defines for array sizes Use defines for array sizes. For …


17:21 Devices edited by groeck
Added IT8510E, updated IT8772E/F (diff)
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