and .


17:07 Devices edited by khali
Link to w83795 standalone driver (diff)
16:52 Devices edited by khali
Link to standalone drivers (diff)
14:30 Changeset [5868] by khali
IT8721F/IT8758E will be supported by the it87 driver.
14:27 Changeset [5867] by khali
sensors-detect: Improve LM90 and W83L771 detection.
14:25 Changeset [5866] by khali
Update release checklist.
13:43 Devices edited by khali
Update W83L771 entry (diff)


11:35 Ticket #2302 (Need Phenom support) closed by khali
11:34 Ticket #2297 (Jetway J9F2 motherboard support) closed by khali
fixed: Support for the Fintek F71858 was added to the f71882fg driver in kernel …
11:13 Devices edited by khali
Remove one IT8721F request (Asus board -> asus_atk0110) (diff)


18:51 Download edited by phil
18:50 Download edited by phil
remove coming-soon on mirror links (diff)
17:15 Devices edited by khali
Two more requests for the IT8721F (diff)


21:49 Changeset [5865] by khali
Post-release version update.
21:47 Milestone 3.2.0 completed
21:43 WikiStart edited by khali
Announce 3.2.0 (diff)
21:38 Download edited by khali
Announce 3.2.0 (diff)
21:20 Changeset [5864] by khali
3.2.0 release
21:15 Changeset [5863] by khali
Prepare for release.


14:27 Configurations/SuperMicro/C7X58 edited by khali
Update (diff)
09:02 Devices edited by khali
Add an entry for the LTC4215 (diff)


17:31 Configurations/SuperMicro/X8SAX created by khali
Link from X8SAX to C7X58
12:28 Configurations/SuperMicro/C7X58 created by khali
Supermicro C7X58/X8SAX configuration file
12:17 Devices edited by khali
One more w83795 request (diff)


12:06 Devices edited by khali
Update W83973 and W83795 entries (diff)
10:40 Devices edited by khali
Update W83795G/ADG entry (diff)


17:40 Changeset [5862] by khali
Drop legacy reference to ISA bus. The i2c-isa fake bus driver is gone long …


17:22 Devices edited by khali
Add reference to SMSC LPC47U32x (diff)
17:21 Changeset [5861] by khali
Add detection of the SMSC LPC47U32x.
17:20 Changeset [5860] by khali
Forgot to add the LGPL license, this is done now.


15:52 Devices edited by groeck
,ax6659 and max6695/96 updates (diff)
14:41 Configurations/Gigabyte/X58-UD3R created by khali
Partial configuration file for the Gigabyte X58-UD3R
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