and .


18:40 Devices edited by groeck
Updated max6696. Moved maxim pmbus chips to maxim section. (diff)
18:34 Devices edited by groeck
max6695/96 is now detected by sensors-detect (diff)
18:18 Changeset [5858] by groeck
Update sensors-detect to support max6695/96


03:09 Devices edited by groeck
max6696 update (diff)


20:44 Devices edited by khali
Add link to k8temp FAQ entry (diff)
20:42 FAQ/Chapter3 edited by khali
New entry for the k8temp offset issue in kernels 2.6.33 and 2.6.34 (diff)
16:09 Devices edited by khali
Add a note about the IT8758E (diff)
15:42 Configurations/SuperMicro/X7SPA created by khali
Configuration file for the SuperMicro? X7SPA
14:22 Configurations/MSI/X58-Pro-E created by khali
Add configuration file for MSI X58 Pro-E
09:10 Devices edited by khali
One request for the IT8721F (diff)


10:28 Configurations/MSI/IM-945GSE-A edited by khali
Fix +12V scaling, add links (diff)


20:59 Configurations/Gigabyte/MA785GM-US2H edited by khali
Remove outdated comment (diff)
20:57 Configurations/Gigabyte/MA785GM-US2H edited by khali
Update (diff)


20:58 Devices edited by groeck
19:03 Devices edited by groeck


18:25 Download edited by khali
Update the list of recommended patches (diff)
18:24 Ticket #2380 (pwmconfig doesn't detect correlations properly) closed by khali
fixed: Fixed in r5855.
18:17 Changeset [5857] by khali
Drop legacy calls to cut. procfs had several values per file, but sysfs …
18:09 Changeset [5856] by khali
Wait for fans to return to full speed only once per PWM. In the rare case …
18:07 Changeset [5855] by khali
When looking for pwm/fan correlations, sample all fans before returning a …


18:28 Configurations/Gigabyte/MA785GM-US2H created by khali
Configuration file for the Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H
11:37 Ticket #2380 (pwmconfig doesn't detect correlations properly) created by khali
Original report from Charles Pillar on the lm-sensors list: …


22:00 Changeset [5854] by khali
Properly handle the rare case where /dev/i2c exists but isn't a directory. …


13:35 Devices edited by khali
Drop dead link to pc87427 patches (diff)
13:34 Devices edited by khali
Update emc2103 driver status (diff)
13:33 Devices edited by khali
Update W83667HG-I entry (diff)


21:41 Configurations/Zotac/H55-ITX created by khali
Configuration file for the Zotac H55-ITX
21:39 Configurations/Zotac created by khali
New page for Zotac configs


12:12 Devices edited by khali
Support for the F71808E isn't actually ready (diff)
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