and .


11:21 Ticket #2182 (Dell Poweredge 830 - sensors all display 0 values) closed by khali
fixed: Patch applied upstream: …
11:00 Devices edited by khali
ADT7411 now detected (diff)


17:22 Changeset [5818] by khali
Minor cleanup in adt7490_detect().
17:19 Changeset [5817] by khali
Add detection for Analog Devices ADT7411.
15:15 Devices edited by khali
Add an entry for the ADT7411 (diff)


21:19 Devices edited by khali
Drop dead link to W83627DHG datasheet (diff)
21:18 Devices edited by khali
Add link to W83627DHG-P datasheet (diff)
12:32 Changeset [5816] by khali
i2c-ali1563: Remove sparse warnings. Backported from Linux 2.6, original …


17:39 Configurations/Gigabyte/M61P-S3 edited by khali
Add notes about -5V and -12V (diff)
14:25 Ticket #2376 (Proper support for relative temperature sensors) created by khali
Recent processors include digital thermal sensors, which often report a …
14:04 Ticket #2353 (dme1737 incorrectly exports VID for sch311x devices) closed by khali
fixed: Fixed in kernel 2.6.32: …
13:12 Configurations/Gigabyte/M61P-S3 created by khali
Configuration file for the Gigabyte M61P-S3


21:18 Changeset [5815] by khali
Winbond W83L771AWG/ASG support.
21:08 Devices edited by khali
Update the W83L771* entry (diff)
15:50 Devices edited by khali
One more link to ICH8 sensors (diff)
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