and .


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Update link to xsensors patch (diff)
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libsensors 3 support for xsensors
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Update link to PC87427 patches (diff)
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ie -> eg (diff)


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Mention the Intel north bridge sensors (diff)
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Move MMH to fomer contributors (diff)


21:35 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2836S1 created by andy
21:34 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2831S1 created by andy
21:31 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2828 (A1, A2) created by andy
21:30 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2817A1 created by andy
21:30 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2812 (A1, A2) created by andy
21:28 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2778 (A1, B1 ,C1, X1, Y1) created by andy
21:26 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2628 (A1, B1, C1) created by andy
21:25 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2618 (A1, B1, C1) created by andy
21:23 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2679A1 created by andy
21:22 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2608 (A1, K1) created by andy
21:20 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2598A1 created by andy
21:19 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2587A1 created by andy
21:18 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2584 (A1, A5) created by andy
21:17 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2438 (A1, A2) created by andy
21:15 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2364 (A1, A2) created by andy
21:14 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2348 (A1, A2) created by andy
21:12 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2344 (A1, A2) created by andy
21:11 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2317 (A1, A2) created by andy
21:07 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2314 (A1, A2) created by andy
21:05 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions/D2312 (A1, A2, C1, C2) created by andy


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22:05 Configurations/Shuttle created by andy
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22:01 Configurations/Asus/M3A78-CM created by andy
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Update the LM73 entry (diff)


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asus_atk0110 needs lm-sensors >= 3.1.0 (diff)


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The LM73 is detected now. (diff)
12:41 Changeset [5780] by khali
Lower the confidence of MAX6650/1 detection, as it is really weak.
12:38 Changeset [5779] by khali
Add detection for National Semiconductor LM73.
10:32 Changeset [5778] by khali
Update the sysfs path to i2c adapters.
10:16 Devices edited by khali
Note about the LM77 being mosting compatible with the LM92 (diff)


19:50 Changeset [5777] by andy
Remove ignore statements from sensors.conf.default (Fujitsu Hades/Syleus?).
09:43 Changeset [5776] by jwrdegoede
Add sensor3.conf.5 symlink to sensors.conf.5 manpage


18:36 Changeset [5775] by andy
Add sections for the new FTS chips to sensors.conf.default (Patch from …


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Make the device status link more visible (diff)


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Drop references to fscher and fscpos drivers (diff)
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patches -> 2.6.32 (diff)


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Fix typo (diff)
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15:00 WikiStart edited by jwrdegoede
14:41 FAQ/Chapter3 edited by jwrdegoede
10:51 Changeset [5774] by khali
Document the different CPU models supported by the coretemp driver.
10:23 Changeset [5773] by khali
Add detection for Intel Atom thermal sensors.


21:38 Devices edited by khali
Add an entry for the SMBus Control Method Interface driver (diff)
21:36 Devices edited by khali
Asus ATK0110 support only present since lm-sensors 3.1.0 (diff)
21:35 Changeset [5772] by khali
Add missing log entry.
12:38 Devices edited by khali
Update TMP421 entry (diff)


17:59 Changeset [5771] by khali
Add support for short writes with PEC.


20:18 Configurations/FujitsuTechnologySolutions created by andy
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Update the list of recommended patches (diff)
17:57 Changeset [5770] by khali
Save hwmon device paths and names in configuration file, and check them …


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Update AMD fam. 10h and 11h info (diff)
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Update the list of recommended patches (diff)
12:50 Changeset [5769] by khali
Drop AMD K10 detection (unreliable sensors). Add detection for AMD Family …
12:49 Changeset [5768] by khali
Drop AMD K10 detection (unreliable sensors). Add detection for AMD Family …


13:19 Changeset [5767] by khali
Clean up the code writing the configuration file.
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