and .


23:00 Changeset [4125] by ruik
Backport VT8237A and VT8251 support
22:37 Changeset [4124] by ruik
Add VT8237A, VT8251
05:36 Changeset [4123] by mmh
Remove %option yylineno and add/modify rules to count lines explicitly; …
04:55 Changeset [4122] by mmh
Cleanup style and formatting.
04:38 Changeset [4121] by mmh
Create a branch for libsensors(3) config file scanner optimizations.


20:53 Ticket #2089 (it87 driver modified to support ITE8716 sensor chip on new AM2 ...) closed by khali


16:22 Ticket #2117 (ITE IT8716F-S on Abit M2N-E) closed by khali
fixed: Support for the IT8716F is available as a patch: …
16:01 Ticket #2117 (ITE IT8716F-S on Abit M2N-E) created by ticket
Hi, I found an ITE IT8716F-S chip on my brand new Abit M2N-E, but it …
11:17 Changeset [4120] by khali
Attempt to make sensors-detect slightly more user-friendly, part one. * …


23:19 Changeset [4119] by khali
sensors-detect: Exit immediately if user isn't root. It makes very little …
21:15 Changeset [4118] by khali
The original adm1026 driver numbered the fans from 0 to 7, and so does …
13:13 Changeset [4117] by khali
Drop func from PCI device entries, as we don't use it anymore.


21:51 Changeset [4116] by khali
sensors-detect: Add Analog Devices ADM1033, ADM1034, ADT7462, ADT7466, …
20:16 Changeset [4115] by khali
Explicitely prevent Winbond chips from being misdetected as LM78 chips.
18:18 Ticket #2116 (no sensors on ASUS A7VC) created by corfiot_von_grek@…
Hi, I tried both via686a and w83781d and got no sensors. There is no newer …
18:06 Ticket #2115 (No sensors found!) closed by khali
fixed: Replying to ticket: > and seems to find IT8716F. Thanks. Any …
12:02 Changeset [4114] by khali
Drop A7N8X-X comments from the as99127f section, as we now know this board …


23:33 Changeset [4113] by khali
Display it87 VID with 3 decimal places instead of 2.
22:12 Ticket #2079 ([lm-sensors] Kernel module load order can kill sensors) closed by khali
invalid: No.
21:14 Configurations edited by ruik
Added ASUS pointer (diff)
21:00 AsusFormulaHacking created by ruik
Initial version
15:11 Ticket #2115 (No sensors found!) created by ticket
I have Asus M2N-E and Ubuntu 6.06 with lm-sensors from the Ubuntu package …


21:59 Changeset [4112] by khali
List the upcoming w83793 driver. Be less authoritative when stating a …
16:07 Changeset [4111] by khali
Update copyright years.
16:00 Changeset [4110] by khali
Clean up the PCI device probing, reducing complexity from O(N2) to O(N).


20:13 Changeset [4109] by khali
Add userspace support for the Winbond W83793. Patch contributed by Yuan Mu …


20:52 Changeset [4108] by khali
sensors-detect: Simplify detection of SiS5595, VIA686 and VT8231.
20:19 Changeset [4107] by ruik
Adjust the user interaction messages (ISA bus versus ISA ports, remove …
20:14 Changeset [4106] by khali
sensors-detect: Add AMD K8 thermal sensors detection.
17:10 Changeset [4105] by khali
16:41 Changeset [4104] by khali
sensors-detect: Add Intel ICH8 detection.


19:43 WikiStart edited by khali
2.10.1 is coming (diff)
19:12 WikiStart edited by khali
Thank Winbond for the donation of a W83627THF test system (diff)
19:00 AuthorsAndContributors edited by khali
New test hardware received from Winbond (Asus P4P800-X) (diff)
18:55 Changeset [4103] by khali
Winbond donated an Asus P4P800-X motherboard with a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, …


14:06 Ticket #2076 ([lm-sensors] [ patch 0/3 ] hwmon/pc87360 maintainership, object shrink ...) closed by ruik
14:05 Ticket #2074 ([lm-sensors] [PATCH 1/3] pci: i2c scx200_acb avoid pci_find_device) closed by ruik
14:04 Ticket #2093 (Acer Ferrari 4005: Probing for `Nat. Semi. PC87591 Super IO' Success... ...) closed by ruik
invalid: Hello Notebooks usually handle the temerature management with other …
13:59 Ticket #2107 (New Drivers needed) closed by ruik
worksforme: Helllo I think it is already supported in newer kernels. When running …
11:01 Ticket #2114 (make loop) closed by khali
fixed: I reverted one change I had made to the Makefile, which seems to cause the …
10:46 Changeset [4102] by khali
Revert previous Makefile change (Silent errors on missing dependency …
10:45 Changeset [4101] by khali
Revert previous Makefile change (Silent errors on missing dependency …


20:00 Ticket #2114 (make loop) created by ticket
I am attempting to build revision 4100 of lm-sensors. When I run "make …
17:31 Changeset [4100] by ruik
Add support for k8temp driver
17:29 Changeset [4099] by ruik
Add PCI bus support - forgot to commit with last changeset
17:23 Changeset [4098] by ruik
Add PCI bus support
12:19 Ticket #2113 ([lm-sensors] [PATCH] driver for SMSC SCH311x) created by ruik
Needs review …
11:37 Ticket #2112 (f75387 driver review) created by ruik
Hi Jean, Attached is a new version of the f75387 driver. The fan speed is …
11:03 Changeset [4097] by khali
doc/developers/sysfs-interface: Update.


18:06 Changeset [4096] by khali
Enhance w83791d support. Add output for in7, in8, in9, fan4 and fan5. Also …


13:44 Kernel2.6 edited by khali
Reforrmat (diff)


16:28 Changeset [4095] by khali
Restore errors on it87 in3 and in7, I misread the datasheets, these inputs …


23:02 Changeset [4094] by khali
Rewrite the bank switching code in a slightly different way to keep some …
20:03 Changeset [4093] by khali
No error on missing it87 in3, in5, in6 or in7. These inputs are shared …


14:42 Changeset [4092] by khali
Fix the detection function calls, so that we no more need to declare these …
14:26 Changeset [4091] by khali
Rename "DDC monitor" to "EDID EEPROM" so users don't think it has anything …
09:34 Changeset [4090] by khali
i2c-isa will soon be gone.


18:52 Ticket #2111 (No fan control on Tyan s2865/S2864) created by muranyia@…
Sensors are detected and working, pwmconfig run (with some help), but …


09:20 Changeset [4089] by khali
Add support for the ITE IT8718F Super-I/O chip (prefix: it8718). …
08:55 Changeset [4088] by khali
More .PHONY targets.
08:51 Changeset [4087] by khali
Some more it8716 voltage configuration.
08:45 Changeset [4086] by khali
sensors-detect: Check i2c adapter functionalities before probing, so that …


09:01 Changeset [4085] by khali
sensors-detect: Drop the ISA IT87xxF detection. Super-I/O detection is …


12:20 Ticket #2110 (need info for reading out poseidon chip on fujitsu-siemens board d1107) created by sam@…
Hello, after I found out that none of the common hardware monitoring tools …


13:59 AuthorsAndContributors edited by khali
Add ITE as a supporting company (diff)
13:42 Changeset [4084] by khali
Detect the upcoming IT8718F Super-I/O chip. Support will most certainly go …


22:28 Changeset [4083] by khali
Add support for the IT8716F (prefix it8716). It is mostly similar to the …
10:31 AuthorsAndContributors edited by khali
General update (both contents and shape) (diff)


21:53 Changeset [4082] by khali
Kill some dead code, which dealt with the case where a driver probes less …
14:04 WikiStart edited by khali
New mailing list clarification (diff)
13:25 FeedbackAndSupport edited by khali
Do not post to both lists (diff)


11:48 Changeset [4081] by khali
Check for fscanf() failure when reading sysfs attributes. Also drop a …
11:46 Changeset [4080] by khali
prog/dump/*.c, prog/detect/*.c: Handle possible error in fgets().
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