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2Title: lm_sensors
3Version: 2.10.2
4Entered-date: 29DEC98
5Description: Hardware health monitoring package for Linux. It consists of
6             kernel modules to access sensor chips and SMBus hardware,
7             of a library to allow applications to read this data more
8             easily, and of an example program to pretty print this data.
9             LM78, LM79, LM80, W83781D and GL518SM sensor chips are
10             supported, among others. PIIX4 and VIA chipset SMBus
11             implementations are supported, as well as many I2C busses.
12             Version 2 is a complete non-compatible modular rewrite of this
13             package, with full I2C and SMBus support.
14Keywords: kernel module SMBus sensors LM78 health
15Author: (Frodo Looijaard)
16 (Philip Edelbrock)
17        and other great contributors
19Copying-policy: GPL
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