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4Release steps:
5- Check out lm-sensors
6- Update if necessary, the version number of libsensors
7  (edit lib/ and change LIBMAINVER and/or LIBMINORVER)
8  Remember: update main number when interface changes, minor if new
9  functionality is added, and patch if only bugs are fixed.
10  `svn diff -r Vx-y-z lib' is your friend.
11- Update the CHANGES file (set version and release date)
12- Update lm_sensors.lsm (Version, Entered-date and Primary-site)
13- Update libsensors-API.txt
14- Update version.h
15- Commit
16- Tag the release using SVN:
17  svn copy \
18 \
19      -m "3.x.x release"
21- Move to a temporary directory and get a copy of the freshly tagged code:
22  svn export lm_sensors-3.x.x
23- Tar it up:
24  tar jcf lm_sensors-3.x.x.tar.bz2 lm_sensors-3.x.x
25- Sign it:
26  gpg -b lm_sensors-3.x.x.tar.bz2
27- Post it:
28  scp lm_sensors-3.x.x.tar.bz2* \
30- Set correct permissions:
31  ssh chmod 664 \
32      '/srv/*'
34After release, remember to:
35- Copy to mirrors
36- Update the Download page on, then add a news item
37- Announce on the lm-sensors mailing list
38- Announce on Freshmeat
39- Add "+SVN" to version.h and commit
40- Mark the corresponding release milestone as complete using trac-admin
41  e.g. 'trac-admin /srv/ milestone completed 3.0.0 now'
42- Create a new version for the bug tracking system using trac-admin
43  e.g. 'trac-admin /srv/ version add 3.0.0 now'
44- Create a new release milestone using trac-admin
45  e.g. 'trac-admin /srv/ milestone add 3.0.1 2008-02-15'
46- Send lm_sensors.lsm to the LSM by mailing it to with the
47  subject `add' (no quotes)
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