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Add SMBus detection for AMD Hudson-2.

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1lm-sensors CHANGES file
5  libsensors: Support upcoming sysfs path to i2c adapters
6  fancontrol: Check that all referenced sysfs files exist
7              Check that all devices match the configuration file
8  pwmconfig: Exit immediately if not root
9             Save device paths and names in configuration file
10  sensors.conf.default: Encourage user to not modify this file
11  sensors-detect: Refer to tmp401 driver if TMP411 is detected
12                  Clean up the discovery of i2c adapters
13                  Report unsupported Access Bus adapters
14                  Add detection for TI's TMP421, TMP422 and TMP423 chips
15                  The SMSC LPC47M233 isn't currently supported
16                  Support upcoming sysfs path to i2c adapters
17                  Rename the modprobe configuration file to lm_sensors.conf
18                  Drop AMD K10 detection (unreliable sensors)
19                  Add detection for AMD Family 11h thermal sensors
20                  Add detection for Intel Atom thermal sensors
21                  Add detection for National Semiconductor LM73
22                  Add SMBus detection for AMD Hudson-2
23  sysconfig-lm_sensors-convert: Fix exit code
253.1.1 (2009-06-21)
26  isadump: Use geteuid instead of getuid so that setuid bit works
27  isaset: Use geteuid instead of getuid so that setuid bit works
28  libsensors: Don't rely on dirent->dt_type being set
29              New method to free the memory allocated for chip names
30  Makefile: Include generated source files in dependency checking
31            Make it possible to skip building of the static library
32  fancontrol: Add support for absolute path to hwmon devices
33  sensord: Remove the hidden commandline interface
34           Introduce struct sensord_arguments
35           Using sigaction for signal handlers
36           Convert to linux coding style
37           Cleanup and refactoring of the source code
38           Don't use the system log when generating a CGI script
39           Disable unit scaling for fan speeds
40           Use daemon logging facility instead of local4 by default
41           Fix a memory leak when a chip name is provided
42  sensors: Fix a memory leak when a chip name is provided
43  sensors-detect: Add nNidia nForce MCP78S SMBus detection
44                  Display Super-I/O address even if LD is disabled
45                  Differentiate between PC8374L and WPCD377I
46                  Use dmidecode to find IPMI interfaces if available
47                  Add Nuvoton W83795G/ADG detection
48                  Add National Semiconductor LM95241 detection
49                  Add Winbond/Nuvoton W83627DHG-P and W83627UHG detection
513.1.0 "Happy Birthday Lina" (2009-02-28)
52  libsensors: Add support for instantaneous power sensors
53              Add support for current sensors
54              Fix error propagation during expression evaluation
55              Detect excessive recursion depth during expression eval (#2365)
56              Return a string rather than NULL for unknown errors
57              Skip non-file sysfs entries for speed
58              Fix memory leak in scanner when using flex 2.5.9 or later
59              Report configuration file read errors
60              Exit the configuration file parser sooner
61              Free bus statements from the configuration file sooner
62              Read extra configuration files from /etc/sensors.d (#2174)
63              Report the configuration file name on parse errors
64              Add support for ACPI devices
65  libsensors.3: Reformat for clarity
66                Document function sensors_snprintf_chip_name
67                Document error-related functions
68  lm_sensors.init: Support new format of /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors (#2246)
69                   Drop support for kernels 2.4 and earlier
70  lm_sensors.init.suse: Delete (actual SuSE script is much different)
71  Makefile: Install sensors.conf.default instead of (#2333)
72  pwmconfig: Drop support for kernels 2.4 and earlier
73  fancontrol: Don't round temperature values
74              Drop support for kernels 2.4 and earlier
75              Exit if configuration file can't be read
76              Create pid file only after successful initialization
77  maxilife scripts: Delete (driver never ported to Linux 2.6)
78  sensord: Accept negative temperatures in RRD database
79           Don't bail out on transient errors (#2330)
80  sensors: Add support for instantaneous power sensors
81           Add support for current sensors
82           Fix exit code in error case
83  sensors.conf.5: Lots of additions and reworks
84  sensors.conf.default: New, minimum version of (#2333)
85                        Add sections for the SMSC SCH311x and SCH5027
86 The LM99 offset is now handled in the lm90 driver
87                   Move help section to sensors.conf.5
88                   Add a section for the Asus/Fintek F8000
89  sensors-detect: Fix detection of ADT7463 and LM96000
90                  Add VIA VX800/VX820 SMBus support
91                  Fix detection of Intel 5000 series FB-DIMM AMB
92                  Fix detection of ADT7462
93                  Fix detection of SMSC LPC47M292
94                  Add SMSC LPC47M233 support
95                  Drop support for Linux 2.4 (#2325)
96                  Handle special case chips more efficiently
97                  Fix SMBus detection of W83627EHF and W83627DHG
98                  Get I2C adapter driver names from sysfs (#2328)
99                  Drop old SiS I2C adapter entries
100                  Drop separate LM78-J entry
101                  Merge all Mozart-2 entries
102                  Merge both GL518SM entries into one
103                  Complete GL520SM detection
104                  Improve GL525SM detection a bit
105                  Let kernel 2.6.28 and later handle chips aliases
106                  Unload kernel drivers when we are done with them (#2329)
107                  Fix handling of bus driver names with an underscore
108                  Simplify loading of bus drivers
109                  Fix bus number prediction logic (#2327)
110                  Suggest the sbs driver for smart batteries
111                  Drop alias detection for Super-I/O chips
112                  Move alias detection after all chip detections
113                  Probe chip types from safest to more risky (#2322)
114                  Add an option to skip ISA probes except IPMI
115                  Skip ISA detection by default if a Super I/O was found (#2322)
116                  Do not scan I2C adapters on multimedia cards by default
117                  Skip SMBus probing by default if a Super I/O was found (#2322)
118                  Display I2C address statictics with --stat
119                  Document the new detection order and rules
120                  Gather DMI data and print it at start-up
121                  Always probe the SMBus on Asus, Tyan and Supermicro boards
122                  Move IPMI interface detection to its own section
123                  Skip IPMI probing on laptops
124                  Add Winbond/Nuvoton W83667HG support
125                  Add Intel Core I7 support
126                  Generate new format for /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors (#2246)
127                  Print warnings about missing modules on screen
128                  Fix detection of older DS1621
129                  Add nNidia nForce MCP67, MCP73, MCP79 SMBus support
130                  Exclude auto-loaded PCI and USB drivers from list (#2368)
131                  Special case probing i2c address 0x73 (to not crash FSC ICs)
132                  Add detection of FSC Hades and Syleus IC's
133                  Add detection of Winbond WPCD377I (no sensors)
134 Delete (functionality merged into sensors-detect)
135  sysconfig-lm_sensors-convert: Sample config file conversion script (#2246)
1373.0.3 (2008-09-28)
138  libsensors: Avoid namespace pollution
139  fancontrol: Don't use named pipes when we don't need them (#2319)
140  pwmconfig: Tell the user about gnuplot if it isn't installed
141             Fix MINSTOP and MINSTART test functions (#2340)
142             Test MINSTOP before MINSTART
143             Use better step values for MINSTOP test
144             Print the revision and date at start-up
145             Detect and report obviously incorrect fan speeds
146             Determine MINSTOP automatically
147             Skip MINSTOP and MINSTART tests if fan can't stop
148             Change default for MINTEMP from 0 to 20 degrees C
149             Add support for attributes in the hwmon class device (#2260)
150             Update manual page
151 Drop "label temp#_crit" statements
152  sensors-detect: Add Intel SCH (bus) support
153                  Add SMSC EMC6D103 support
154                  Improve MAX6657, MAX6658, MAX6659 detection
155                  Cache the byte data reads (#2326)
156                  Add Maxim MAX6654/MAX6690 support
157                  Add National Semiconductor LM95231 support
158                  Add Analog Devices ADT7481 support
159                  Refactor alias detection functions
160                  Fix Andigilog aSC7621 support
161                  Add Texas Instruments THMC51 support
162                  Fix Analog Devices ADT7461 support
163                  Add VIA C7 support
164                  Fix Winbond W83L786NR/NG/R/G support (#2336)
165                  Add Maxim MAX6646/MAX6647/MAX6649 support
166                  Add VIA VT1212 support
167                  Add SMSC EMC2700LPC support
168                  Add ITE IT8720F support
169                  Add Texas Instruments TMP411 support
170                  Prevent misdetection of W83627DHG on I2C as LM78
171                  W83627DHG has no subclients
172                  Add Maxim MAX1618 support
1743.0.2 (2008-05-18)
175  documentation: Delete the FAQ, now maintained on the wiki
176  libsensors: Use __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__
177              Parse the configuration file in C locale
178              Late compute statements override early ones
179              Support virtual hwmon devices (#2309)
180              Support power and energy sensors
181              Support DOS-style configuration files again (#2284)
182  pwmconfig: Don't create the configuration file before it's needed
183             Don't preserve configuration file customizations
184             Fix permissions of the configuration file
185             Don't start if fancontrol is running (#2299)
186  fancontrol: Don't start if already running (#2299)
187              Delete at exit time (#2299)
188  sensord: Fix support of multiple chip names on the command line (#2321)
189  sensors: Print energy and power sensors with automatically scaled units
190  sensors-detect: Add SMSC SCH5027D detection
191                  Do not access I/O ports on PPC
192                  Move south bridge sensor detection to the right section
193                  Run chip_special_cases() earlier
194                  New device ID for the SMSC SCH5317
195                  Add SMSC SCH5127 detection
196                  Add National Semiconductor LM64 detection
197                  Add Asus F8000 detection
198                  Add Intel ICH10 (bus) detection
199                  Don't probe I2C addresses 0x40-0x47
200                  Fix the parsing of I2C addresses not to scan
201                  Detect and skip 1-register-only I2C devices
202                  Avoid SMBus word transactions where possible
203                  Add Dallas DS1631 detection
2053.0.1 (2008-01-28)
206  documentation: Update the application writing guidelines
207  libsensors: No longer depend on libsysfs (#2262)
208              Don't guess the bus type from the device ID format (#2240)
209              Add support for attributes in the hwmon class device (#2260)
210  Makefile: No warnings about ld configuration for staged installations
211            Document the variable overriding mechanism (#2296)
212  pwmconfig: Really hide errors on sysfs writes
213             Deal gracefully with read-only pwm_enable files
214             Warn about outputs found in automatic mode
215             Repeat available configuration options before prompt (#2289)
216             Fix duplicate warning message when config file is broken
217  fancontrol: Detect improperly formatted FCTEMPS value (#2293)
218  sensord: Fix rrd support (#2276)
219           Use the same colors for daily and weekly charts
220           Drop workaround needed by old versions of rrdtool
221  sensors: Fix error path on library initialization error
222 Fix voltage value references (g520sm, lm80, pc87366)
223  sensors-detect: Drop PCA9540 detection
224                  Improve sysconfig and modprobe.d integration
225                  Add SMSC SCH5514D-NS detection (no sensors)
226                  Lower the confidence of MAX6650/MAX6651
227                  Add Fintek F71858DG detection
228                  Add Fintek F81216D detection (no sensors)
229  unhide_ICH_SMBus: Add support for the 82801AA (ICH)
2313.0.0 (2007-11-24)
232  Makefile: Fix MODULE_DIR usage in etc
233            Fix build on PPC
234  pwmconfig: Better diagnostics in pwmdisable
235             Give the fans some time to spin up
236  sensors-detect: Add Texas Instruments TMP401 detection
237                  Mention the f75375s driver
238                  Add SMSC LPC47B367-NC detection (no sensors)
239                  Reduce w83781d/lm78 I2C address probing range
240                  Add Intel Celeron 4xx and Penryn (CPU on 45nm) detection
2423.0.0-rc3 (2007-10-28)
243  libsensors: Add a default configuration file
244              Fix memory leaks on initialization error
245              Make the configuration file optional
246              Change the default configuration file to /etc/sensors3.conf
247  sensord: Reload config on SIGHUP rather than automatically
248           No default configuration file name
249  sensors: Fix file handle leak on library initialization error
250           Handle the case where voltage measurements aren't available
251           No default configuration file name
252           Install as sensors again
253 Install as sensors3.conf
254  sensors-detect: Fix SMSC LPC47B357/M967 detection
255                  Select the right driver for FSC chips
256 Handle alternative chip lists
2583.0.0-rc2 (2007-10-10)
259  useful_addresses.html: Moved to the wiki
260  Makefile: Add sensors-conf-convert to make install
261  libsensors: Notify the caller when writing a value fails
262              Differentiate between different read error types
263              Report I/O errors as such
264  sensord: Log the error code on failure
265           Drop the configuration file search path mechanism (#2259)
266           Manual page update
267  sensors: Fix spurious critical temperature alarm
268           Print error messages to stderr
269           Make error messages more helpful and consistent
270           Better handling of the fault flags
271  sensors-conf-convert: Add a short help text
272  sensors-detect: Fix SMSC SCH311x detection
273                  Add AMD K10 CPU sensor detection
2753.0.0-rc1 (2007-09-25)
276  Initial release
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