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Suggest the sbs driver for smart batteries.

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1lm-sensors CHANGES file
5  libsensors: Add support for instantaneous power sensors
6              Add support for current sensors
7  maxilife scripts: Delete (driver never ported to Linux 2.6)
8  sensors: Add support for instantaneous power sensors
9           Add support for current sensors
10 The LM99 offset is now handled in the lm90 driver
11  sensors-detect: Fix detection of ADT7463 and LM96000
12                  Add VIA VX800/VX820 support
13                  Fix detection of Intel 5000 series FB-DIMM AMB
14                  Fix detection of ADT7462
15                  Fix detection of SMSC LPC47M292
16                  Add SMSC LPC47M233 support
17                  Drop support for Linux 2.4 (#2325)
18                  Handle special case chips more efficiently
19                  Fix SMBus detection of W83627EHF and W83627DHG
20                  Get I2C adapter driver names from sysfs (#2328)
21                  Drop old SiS I2C adapter entries
22                  Drop separate LM78-J entry
23                  Merge all Mozart-2 entries
24                  Merge both GL518SM entries into one
25                  Complete GL520SM detection
26                  Improve GL525SM detection a bit
27                  Let kernel 2.6.28 and later handle chips aliases
28                  Unload kernel drivers when we are done with them (#2329)
29                  Fix handling of bus driver names with an underscore
30                  Simplify loading of bus drivers
31                  Fix bus number prediction logic (#2327)
32                  Suggest the sbs driver for smart batteries
343.0.3 (2008-09-28)
35  libsensors: Avoid namespace pollution
36  fancontrol: Don't use named pipes when we don't need them (#2319)
37  pwmconfig: Tell the user about gnuplot if it isn't installed
38             Fix MINSTOP and MINSTART test functions (#2340)
39             Test MINSTOP before MINSTART
40             Use better step values for MINSTOP test
41             Print the revision and date at start-up
42             Detect and report obviously incorrect fan speeds
43             Determine MINSTOP automatically
44             Skip MINSTOP and MINSTART tests if fan can't stop
45             Change default for MINTEMP from 0 to 20 degrees C
46             Add support for attributes in the hwmon class device (#2260)
47             Update manual page
48 Drop "label temp#_crit" statements
49  sensors-detect: Add Intel SCH (bus) support
50                  Add SMSC EMC6D103 support
51                  Improve MAX6657, MAX6658, MAX6659 detection
52                  Cache the byte data reads (#2326)
53                  Add Maxim MAX6654/MAX6690 support
54                  Add National Semiconductor LM95231 support
55                  Add Analog Devices ADT7481 support
56                  Refactor alias detection functions
57                  Fix Andigilog aSC7621 support
58                  Add Texas Instruments THMC51 support
59                  Fix Analog Devices ADT7461 support
60                  Add VIA C7 support
61                  Fix Winbond W83L786NR/NG/R/G support (#2336)
62                  Add Maxim MAX6646/MAX6647/MAX6649 support
63                  Add VIA VT1212 support
64                  Add SMSC EMC2700LPC support
65                  Add ITE IT8720F support
66                  Add Texas Instruments TMP411 support
67                  Prevent misdetection of W83627DHG on I2C as LM78
68                  W83627DHG has no subclients
69                  Add Maxim MAX1618 support
713.0.2 (2008-05-18)
72  documentation: Delete the FAQ, now maintained on the wiki
73  libsensors: Use __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__
74              Parse the configuration file in C locale
75              Late compute statements override early ones
76              Support virtual hwmon devices (#2309)
77              Support power and energy sensors
78              Support DOS-style configuration files again (#2284)
79  pwmconfig: Don't create the configuration file before it's needed
80             Don't preserve configuration file customizations
81             Fix permissions of the configuration file
82             Don't start if fancontrol is running (#2299)
83  fancontrol: Don't start if already running (#2299)
84              Delete at exit time (#2299)
85  sensord: Fix support of multiple chip names on the command line (#2321)
86  sensors: Print energy and power sensors with automatically scaled units
87  sensors-detect: Add SMSC SCH5027D detection
88                  Do not access I/O ports on PPC
89                  Move south bridge sensor detection to the right section
90                  Run chip_special_cases() earlier
91                  New device ID for the SMSC SCH5317
92                  Add SMSC SCH5127 detection
93                  Add National Semiconductor LM64 detection
94                  Add Asus F8000 detection
95                  Add Intel ICH10 (bus) detection
96                  Don't probe I2C addresses 0x40-0x47
97                  Fix the parsing of I2C addresses not to scan
98                  Detect and skip 1-register-only I2C devices
99                  Avoid SMBus word transactions where possible
100                  Add Dallas DS1631 detection
1023.0.1 (2008-01-28)
103  documentation: Update the application writing guidelines
104  libsensors: No longer depend on libsysfs (#2262)
105              Don't guess the bus type from the device ID format (#2240)
106              Add support for attributes in the hwmon class device (#2260)
107  Makefile: No warnings about ld configuration for staged installations
108            Document the variable overriding mechanism (#2296)
109  pwmconfig: Really hide errors on sysfs writes
110             Deal gracefully with read-only pwm_enable files
111             Warn about outputs found in automatic mode
112             Repeat available configuration options before prompt (#2289)
113             Fix duplicate warning message when config file is broken
114  fancontrol: Detect improperly formatted FCTEMPS value (#2293)
115  sensord: Fix rrd support (#2276)
116           Use the same colors for daily and weekly charts
117           Drop workaround needed by old versions of rrdtool
118  sensors: Fix error path on library initialization error
119 Fix voltage value references (g520sm, lm80, pc87366)
120  sensors-detect: Drop PCA9540 detection
121                  Improve sysconfig and modprobe.d integration
122                  Add SMSC SCH5514D-NS detection (no sensors)
123                  Lower the confidence of MAX6650/MAX6651
124                  Add Fintek F71858DG detection
125                  Add Fintek F81216D detection (no sensors)
126  unhide_ICH_SMBus: Add support for the 82801AA (ICH)
1283.0.0 (2007-11-24)
129  Makefile: Fix MODULE_DIR usage in etc
130            Fix build on PPC
131  pwmconfig: Better diagnostics in pwmdisable
132             Give the fans some time to spin up
133  sensors-detect: Add Texas Instruments TMP401 detection
134                  Mention the f75375s driver
135                  Add SMSC LPC47B367-NC detection (no sensors)
136                  Reduce w83781d/lm78 I2C address probing range
137                  Add Intel Celeron 4xx and Penryn (CPU on 45nm) detection
1393.0.0-rc3 (2007-10-28)
140  libsensors: Add a default configuration file
141              Fix memory leaks on initialization error
142              Make the configuration file optional
143              Change the default configuration file to /etc/sensors3.conf
144  sensord: Reload config on SIGHUP rather than automatically
145           No default configuration file name
146  sensors: Fix file handle leak on library initialization error
147           Handle the case where voltage measurements aren't available
148           No default configuration file name
149           Install as sensors again
150 Install as sensors3.conf
151  sensors-detect: Fix SMSC LPC47B357/M967 detection
152                  Select the right driver for FSC chips
153 Handle alternative chip lists
1553.0.0-rc2 (2007-10-10)
156  useful_addresses.html: Moved to the wiki
157  Makefile: Add sensors-conf-convert to make install
158  libsensors: Notify the caller when writing a value fails
159              Differentiate between different read error types
160              Report I/O errors as such
161  sensord: Log the error code on failure
162           Drop the configuration file search path mechanism (#2259)
163           Manual page update
164  sensors: Fix spurious critical temperature alarm
165           Print error messages to stderr
166           Make error messages more helpful and consistent
167           Better handling of the fault flags
168  sensors-conf-convert: Add a short help text
169  sensors-detect: Fix SMSC SCH311x detection
170                  Add AMD K10 CPU sensor detection
1723.0.0-rc1 (2007-09-25)
173  Initial release
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