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Fix MODULE_DIR usage.

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1lm-sensors CHANGES file
5  Makefile: Fix MODULE_DIR usage in etc
6  pwmconfig: Better diagnostics in pwmdisable
7             Give the fans some time to spin up
8  sensors-detect: Add Texas Instruments TMP401 detection
9                  Mention the f75375s driver
10                  Add SMSC LPC47B367-NC detection (no sensors)
11                  Reduce w83781d/lm78 I2C address probing range
133.0.0-rc3 (2007-10-28)
14  libsensors: Add a default configuration file
15              Fix memory leaks on initialization error
16              Make the configuration file optional
17              Change the default configuration file to /etc/sensors3.conf
18  sensord: Reload config on SIGHUP rather than automatically
19           No default configuration file name
20  sensors: Fix file handle leak on library initialization error
21           Handle the case where voltage measurements aren't available
22           No default configuration file name
23           Install as sensors again
24 Install as sensors3.conf
25  sensors-detect: Fix SMSC LPC47B357/M967 detection
26                  Select the right driver for FSC chips
27 Handle alternative chip lists
293.0.0-rc2 (2007-10-10)
30  useful_addresses.html: Moved to the wiki
31  Makefile: Add sensors-conf-convert to make install
32  libsensors: Notify the caller when writing a value fails
33              Differentiate between different read error types
34              Report I/O errors as such
35  sensord: Log the error code on failure
36           Drop the configuration file search path mechanism (#2259)
37           Manual page update
38  sensors: Fix spurious critical temperature alarm
39           Print error messages to stderr
40           Make error messages more helpful and consistent
41           Better handling of the fault flags
42  sensors-conf-convert: Add a short help text
43  sensors-detect: Fix SMSC SCH311x detection
44                  Add AMD K10 CPU sensor detection
463.0.0-rc1 (2007-09-25)
47  Initial release
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