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Be more robust against seek/read errors on sysfs.

1i2c-tools CHANGES
5  Makefile: Let the environment set CC and CFLAGS
6            Integrate py-smbus into the build system
7  decode-dimms: Handle CRC of FB-DIMM and DDR3 SDRAM memory modules
8                Add support for DDR3 SDRAM
9                Fix decoding of SDR SDRAM bytes 12-14
10                Add side-by-side formatting option
11                Add merged cells formatting option
12                Try harder to decode the manufacturing date
13                Handle read errors on sysfs
14  decode-xeon: Delete
15  i2c-stub-from-dump: Use udev settle to speed up initialization
173.0.2 (2008-11-29)
18  i2c-dev.h: Drop I2C_FUNC_SMBUS_*I2C_BLOCK_2 defines
19  decode-dimms: Add support for little-endian word hexdumps
20                Only export the ceil function from POSIX
21  decode-vaio: Remove history
22  i2cdetect: Support i2c bus passed by name
23             Shorten the usage message
24  i2cdump: Support i2c bus passed by name
25           Shorten the usage message
26           Restrict the chip address to 0x03-0x77
27           Split the functionality checking code into a separate function
28           Better error message on missing adapter functionality
29  i2cget: Support i2c bus passed by name
30          Shorten the usage message
31          Better error message on missing adapter functionality
32  i2cset: Support i2c bus passed by name
33          Shorten the usage message
34          Restrict the chip address to 0x03-0x77
35          Split the code into several functions for clarity
36          Add support for short writes (SMBus send byte)
37          Better error message on missing adapter functionality
38          Set the data value mask with -m
39          Make reading back the written value optional
40  i2c-stub-from-dump: Add support for partial dumps
41                      Report if only garbage is found in dump file
42                      Behave properly when i2c-stub is already loaded
43                      Stop on i2cset error
453.0.1 (2008-04-04)
46  Drop the trailing .pl from all perl script names
47  decode-dimms: Fix DDR2 SDRAM module speed decoding
48                Update manufacturer IDs
49                Don't print anything by default if checksum fails
50                Decode all DDR2 SDRAM timing information
51                Add support for reading SPD data from hexdumps
52                Make command line parsing more robust
53  decode-vaio: Private data might not be readable by non-root users
54               Print the asset tag
55               Fix the timestamp decoding
56  i2cdump: Fix I2C block mode error code
57           Remove man page reference to hardware monitoring chips
58           Let the user specify a register range
59  i2cset: Final status messages go to stdout
60          Return success even when readback fails or doesn't match
61  i2c-stub-from-dump: New helper script to use with i2c-stub
633.0.0 (2007-10-14)
64  Initial release
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